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The Marlow

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This building is ideal as a garden office, enabling you to work from home in an airy spacious environment. A perfect solution for the home business that has outgrown the spare bedroom! The height of the eaves and ridge make a pleasant non-claustrophobic environment without spoiling the discreet low profile of the building.

The Marlow makes up part of our garden room range. It's not just a perfect garden office, but also your new summer house. The Marlow timber building is so much more than just a garden room, it's a versatile extra garden room with unlimited potential.

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Standard Features:

2.25m (7’6”) eaves headroom
3.05m (10’) ridge height
a 30cm (1’) porch step along the front of the building
half-glazed door (doubleglazed)
3 double-glazed windows fitted where you specify
ceiling and walls are insulated and pine lined meaning warmth in winter and cool in summer
you choose the outside timber and roof tile colour

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