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Roof Tiles

Asphalt Tiles

Asphalt tiles, as used on American buildings, are the standard roof finish on all of our buildings. Due to their high strength, thick granule protection and pre-impregnated construction their guaranteed life span is 25 years. They are available in four colours that will remain permanent.

Green Asphalt Roof TilesBrown Asphalt Roof TilesRed Asphalt Roof TilesCedar Shingles Roof TilesBlack Asphalt Roof Tiles

Cedar Shingles

Timber shinglesThese are an optional extra suitable for all our buildings. These timber tiles have a rich warm colour and texture giving a touch of individuality that blends well with any environment. The extra thickness of timber on the roof will increase the buildings thermal properties. They have a 25 year life expectancy.

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