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Specifications of our Garden Rooms

our timber buildings are built to the highest specificationsSince we started in 1989 the design of our buildings have evolved to correspond with our customers requirements for the ultimate garden office. Homestead Garden Offices and rooms are designed for all year round use and have an extremely long life expectancy. We have recently replaced an old cricket pavilion with similar sized timbers to ours which was built in 1949!


Warning! do not rely on a single skin timber cladding to keep warm in winter. Our insulation system duplicates the system used in housing. The external and internal timber wall and roof claddings are fixed to a strong framework which creates a cavity. This cavity is then compacted with heat insulation which keeps your office warm in the winter and cool in the summer – just like a house.


We include a solid pine timber floor which will not sag, flex or bounce.


Asphalt tiles – tried and trusted as the main pitched roof tile for houses in all America come with a 25 year guarantee. Available in brown, slate, red and green, they will remain watertight and colourfast.

Cedar Shingles

For an ‘inglenook’ look to the roof cedar shingles are an alternative that will ‘weather’ naturally and provide at least 25 year protection.

Windows and Doors

Exterior timber windows and doors are provided by the UK’s top manufacturer. Produced to ISO quality standards, they achieve the requirements of The BWF timber window accreditation scheme. Fitted with double glazing, draught excluders and lockable handles.


All exterior paintwork including the inside of windows and doors is spray painted in our factory prior to delivery. You can choose from 15 standard colours or we can usually match to a colour of your choice. Alternatively, a wood stain finish is offered for clients who require a more ‘rustic’ look.


We usually install a concrete base to the complete footprint of the building, unlike a pad system favored by other companies. This ensures against any long term sinkage or settling does not occur. We are also able to erect the building on stilts or brick plinths which can be particularly useful in flood plain areas or uneven ground.


Our electrician will discuss your exact requirements but our standard package includes a consumer unit (fuseboard) 4 double sockets, tracks of spotlights and a heater with thermostat and timer. The heating can be programmed to come on and off – just like your central heating. Electricity is connected to your house supply via armoured cable.

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