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Preparing your site
for your garden room
The site preparation

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Site Preparation and Ground Work for your Garden Room

It will usually take several weeks before your building is ready for onsite construction. During this time our basework team will install a suitable foundation. (See price list for the cost of us constructing your base on a clear & level site) Alternatively you can employ your own basework contractor.

As our buildings come complete with a timber floor we recommend concrete bases as adequate support to prevent any risk of sinkage or settlement. Remember, the longevity and efficiency of your building depends on an accurate and level foundation. We therefore recommend a minimum of a 4’ thick concrete base, dead square with no undulations or falls. The base will be made Dead square- corner to corner and to the exact same length and depth as the building ordered and lipped above ground to prevent rain water access. This base will have a damp proof membrane and no deep foundations will be required.

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